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PHOTOS: Winter Storm Niko whips into Brooklyn

February 9, 2017 By Lore Croghan and Mary Frost Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow. At least that's how sledding kids in DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights feel today. Eagle photo by Mary Frost
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Now that’s a snow storm.

Winter Storm Niko whipped into Brooklyn today and made a real mess, as shown in our snow pictures from this morning

That crazy white stuff blew in pedestrians’ faces. It was a lot of work for property owners to keep the sidewalks clear because the snow had piled up at the rate of one to two inches per hour.

One Brooklyn Heights homeowner — she’s the person whose picture we took — had to shovel her stoop herself. None of the legion of shovelers-for-hire — who were all over the neighborhood today — knocked on her door.

Brave-hearted (or should we say fool-hardy?) souls who are driving cars today are moving at a crawl along borough streets.

It’s disorienting, to say the least, that it’s cold as a deep freezer today. The real-feel temps are in the teens, in case you hadn’t noticed.

Just yesterday, temps hit a record-breaking high of 62 degrees in Central Park. It got so warm that we had to document the day in Prospect Park.   

At least we didn’t have thunder snow like out on Long Island. That may sound like a meteorologist’s joke but it’s a real thing. It means there’s thunder, lightning and snowfall all at the same time.

The only upside to Winter Storm Niko is for kids — with sleds and parents who are willing to allow their progeny to go sledding in the middle of the wild weather. The children have plenty of time on their hands since city schools are closed today.

Squibb Hill in Brooklyn Heights is one of the borough’s hot (proverbially speaking, anyway) spots for sledding today.

And so is the grassy knoll on Washington Street in DUMBO.

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