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Brooklyn’s P.S. 10 unveils newly installed ‘Diversity Project’

January 26, 2017 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Families stop along the sidewalk outside P.S. 10 to view the Diversity Project installation. Photo: Shia Levitt
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Local Brooklyn school P.S. 10 on Thursday unveiled the “Diversity Project,” a photo and text installation highlighting the diverse stories from families of P.S. 10 students.

The Diversity Project was created to celebrate the South Slope school’s culturally varied population, according to a release from the school. The project strives to answer the questions: What makes your family story unique? Who was the trailblazer that defined your family’s path?

The Diversity committee hung up banners along the fence of the schoolyard of the first series of highlighted families. The project’s primary message is “We are P.S.10. We are 1,000 stories of trial, persecution and hardship and 1,000 stories of survival, strength and success. This is our story. This is our America.”

The school’s Principal Laura Scott says, “It gives us great joy to celebrate our community as well as helping our students understand the backgrounds of fellow students.” 

Upcoming events for the P.S. 10 Diversity committee include an international potluck dinner, a diverse books read-a-thon and workshops for teachers and parents as well as a planned assembly for students.  

The Diversity committee supports P.S. 10 in fostering compassion, understanding and acceptance of the varied array of cultures, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, genders, abilities, learning differences and socioeconomic backgrounds of our families. The committee states that it aims to increase cultural competency through age-appropriate diversity programming that celebrates differences, encourages open dialogue, challenges preconceptions, examines current social justice issues as learning moments and provides experiential cultural explorations. The committee supports educators in creating a culturally responsive classroom environment by leveraging professional development that builds cultural competency and providing classroom resources aimed at reflecting the diverse P.S. 10 community. 


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