Kudos to Ridge cop for key collar during robbery of Pizzeria Uno

January 24, 2017 Helen Klein
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A 68th Precinct police officer snagged Cop of the Month honors for January for her part in arresting a suspect in the attempted robbery of a local eatery.

P.O. Alysha Williams – who was feted at the January meeting of the 68th Precinct Community Council, held at the station house, 333 65th Street, on Wednesday, January 18 – was one of the officers who responded on the afternoon of Thursday, January 5, at about 1 p.m. when the manager of the Pizzeria Uno at Fourth Avenue and 92nd Street called 911 to report the robbery in progress.

According to Captain Joseph Hayward, the restaurant manager told the 911 operator that the suspect had “simulated like he had a firearm in his waistband,” and told the manager, “Give me all your money. Don’t make me do this. This is a stick-up.”

The manager, Hayward continued, told the suspect that he was going to the back to get the money, and, when he was there, called for help.

The officers responded to find the suspect still at the restaurant, but he quickly took off, said Hayward, who said that Williams and her partner chased and successfully arrested the alleged perp, who, Hayward added, had six prior arrests.

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