Parker, Mosley named to Best Dressed Politicians list

Lawmakers earn praise for their smart fashion sense

January 3, 2017 By Paula Katinas Brooklyn Daily Eagle
State Sen. Kevin Parker “makes fashion and doesn't have to follow it anymore,” according to lawyer and lobbyist Brad Gerstman. Photo courtesy of Parker’s office
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The New Year is getting off to a great start for two of Brooklyn’s elected officials who are winning kudos, not for the legislation they have sponsored, but for their sartorial splendor. State Sen. Kevin Parker and Assemblymember Walter Mosley have both been named by lawyer and lobbyist Brad Gerstman to his 10 “Best Dressed Politicians” list for the year.

Parker (D-East Flatbush-Flatbush) is Number 3 on the list. Mosley (D-Fort Greene-Clinton Hill) sits at Number 6.

Fashion is not frivolous, according to Gerstman who said that first impressions matter.

This is Gerstman’s fourth annual best-dressed list.

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In previous years, the list included New York City and state elected officials only. But since 2016 was a presidential election year, Gerstman decided to expand his fashionable focus to federally elected positions.

President-elect Donald Trump came out on top. He is Gerstman’s choice for the best-dressed politician.

Who else wears a suit with the same ease as the rest of us wear pajamas?! The incoming chief executive is never seen underdressed on any occasion and will bring a formal fashion emphasis when he moves into the White House in January. We never see a wrinkle in the traditional Trump ensemble, of a blue suit accompanied by a fire engine red tie. Some people don’t like the fit, but we can’t argue with its success! In summary, his look is simple, dapper and exudes understated elegance. No problem here!” Gerstman said of the incoming commander-in-chief.

In scoring Parker’s fashion sense, Gerstman praised the state senator’s confident mix of colors, styles, ties and fabrics.

“Kevin is another perennial on this list. What can I say? He makes fashion and doesn’t have to follow it anymore — those who want to look good need only to look to emulate his pristine example. The senator easily and confidently mixes colors, styles, ties, fabrics and each season something new and special is unveiled to our delight. He is in his own sartorial stratosphere,” Gerstman said

The lawyer also admires Mosley’s chic style.

AM Mosley exemplifies a simple, chic style and exudes the idea of less is more. Trim-fitted suits help make a good-looking man even more attractive. Mosley’s style is always confident and demonstrates just enough flair to let you know that there is a real fashion commitment from this elected official,” Gerstman said.

The other Top Ten fashion mavens, according to Gerstman, are: state Sen. Jeff Klein, state Sen. John Flanagan, Assemblymember Francisco Moya, state Sen. Todd Kaminsky, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Dr. Ben Carson and Vice President Joe Biden.

“Politicians get a bad rap, but most elected officials don’t deserve to be painted by the same tarnished brush,” Gerstman said. “Those who interact with elected officials in person understand that these views can miss the mark, as politicians on the whole are dedicated to their public and quite often, look good while representing the needs of their constituents. I am extremely an unabashed fashionista and love it when the politicians I come to lobby put my own efforts to dress to impress to shame. I especially love it when people in politics take some fashion risks to stand out from the crowd.”


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