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November 18, 2016 JERRY KASSAR
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For the Conservative and Republican Parties in Brooklyn and for that matter New York State, Election Day was an historic success. And although the election of Donald Trump as president is the obvious reason, there were many, many other victories in what the media and many political observers thought would be a very difficult result.

The Republican majority in the New York State Senate of which Senator Marty Golden (whom I serve as chief of staff) is an important leader likely increased by a member, when many believed the exact opposite would happen. They are certain to remind Governor Cuomo who actively campaigned against them of this fact many times during the upcoming legislative session.

The US.. House of Representatives will remain solidly Republican controlled. In New York, two close friends of mine – John Faso and Claudia Tenney – will be going to Washington as freshman members. For a number of years, I was John’s assistant, traveling with him and playing key roles in his statewide campaigns. I have rarely been more pleased to see someone elected to office.

And Claudia, a member of the Assembly, is a close friend of Assemblymember Malliotakis and myself from our time in Albany. Nicole raised a great deal of money for Claudia and went up to Utica for the primary to campaign for her. She will be an exceptional congressmember.

News for those who live, work and play in Brooklyn and beyond

The U.S. Senate also remained Republican-controlled. Charles Schumer will become the Democratic leader and as such the most important Democrat in the national government. I wonder if we will still see him ride up to events at the Bay Ridge Manor on his bicycle.

Wendy Long, heavily outspent but never outclassed, ran an admirable issue-oriented race. Wendy was a very early supporter of Donald Trump and close to senior campaign officials. She is certain to be considered, if she desires, for a major executive branch or judicial appointment.

Locally, all Conservative Party-endorsed incumbents won re-election. That would be Congressmember Dan Donovan, Senator Golden and Assemblymember Malliotakis (both unopposed). State Senator Simcha Felder (also unopposed) and Assemblymember Dov Hikind were also returned for another two-year term.

It is worth noting that Congressmember Donovan won the Brooklyn third of his district. This has not been accomplished by a Republican Congressional candidate since 2004. His Brooklyn campaign manager Liam McCabe assisted by Fran Vella-Marrone deserve recognition for this accomplishment.

For the first time in many years, the Conservative and Republican Parties in Brooklyn spent election night together. Gathering at the Bay Ridge Manor, almost 300 cheering guests could not contain themselves as the presidential results flashed on the screen. It was absolute bedlam that went on until 3 a.m.

Senator Golden acted as Master of Ceremonies, providing constant updates that went beyond what was showing on the TV screen. He was joined by myself and newly elected GOP Chairperson Teddy Ghorra. Teddy eventually went over to the Hilton Hotel to join the celebrations for Donald Trump at his election night victory party.

Let us all wish our newly elected president a good transition and four years of successes.

* * *

As I mentioned earlier, the Brooklyn GOP has a new chairperson in Teddy Ghorra and a new executive board. Teddy and his committee were elected unanimously.

To be elected chairperson of the GOP a few days before the GOP essentially took complete control of the executive branch and maintained control of the legislative branch must have been a great thrill for him.

I wish him and his board all the best.

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