NYC’s green cab drivers give their take on the presidential election

‘Now he’s the president. So we have to put everything aside and see what he’ll bring.’

November 14, 2016 By Mary Frost Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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Following the election, the Brooklyn Eagle spoke with green cab drivers, many of whom are immigrants, to hear their thoughts on the election and the future of America. Green cabs operate mainly in the outer boroughs.

“I’m not satisfied,” said Ahmed Al-Mathil. “To the last minute, Hillary Clinton was the first runner. Suddenly, something … I don’t know.”

He added, “Most of the customer I talk to, you know they don’t feel good … I hope this guy do good for the people of the country.”

Maseud from Bangaladesh, who became an American citizen last July, was more optimistic.

“Personally, I wanted to elect Hillary Clinton, but Trump won. And I wish him success,” he said. “He says crazy things, but that’s just because of winning. And he’s smart, I think, and he will do good things. Because he already wrote many books, [like] ‘Art of the Deal’ …”

Ami, who previously lived in Pakistan, was also calm about the outcome.

“I’m pretty sure” good things will come from Trump, he said, adding, “I hope.” His customers told him everything would be fine, he assured us.

Mohammed, a U.S. citizen from Syria, did not vote in the election, but said he was behind Trump.

“I like Trump because he’s fresh. He doesn’t know nothing,” he said. “I know he’s crazy, but you know, maybe he’ll try to do something. He’s a businessman anyway.”

Referring to the citywide protests on the streets, Mohammed added, “This is stupid. I don’t understand. That’s the point. I respect that, you know? He win, he win. Right?”

Aziz, a U.S. citizen who hails from Pakistan, was too busy driving his cab to vote, but he had upbeat feelings about the election.

“Everybody is good, no problem. I’m not saying Trump is good, I’m not saying Hillary is good. All good! All good for the country, all good for the people.”

A cabbie from Ghana was more uncertain about Trump’s qualifications.

“You can’t go to the United Nations, the way he talks. It can’t work like that,” he said. “But now he’s the president. So we have to put everything aside and see what he’ll bring.”

Elmoiz, who came to America from the Sudan, was also worried about Trump’s ability to handle the job.

“I don’t know what’s gonna happen,” he told the Eagle. “Maybe he’ll put this country on the top, maybe down, I don’t know. It’s hard to say … Even the customers, they talk about it, [like] oh, there’s something maybe wrong …

“Trump is not qualified to be president, to me,” Elmoiz said. Touching his head, he added, “Like, he got nothing about politics, inside and outside. And that’s a problem.”


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