Young and old cold call for Clinton in Downtown Brooklyn

Call center: Example of superior ground game?

November 7, 2016 By Mary Frost Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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The Brooklyn Eagle visited a call center for Hillary Clinton in Downtown Brooklyn on Friday, just days before the election, to ask volunteers why they were backing Clinton.

[Note: The Eagle reached out to the Trump campaign 10 days ago with a request to visit a similar get-out-the-vote call center. We were told “the campaign’s schedule will not allow for that at this time.”]

It was family day at the center, and participants spanned the ages from toddlers decorating signs to 80-year-old grandfathers. The din of phone conversations and laughter filled the air.

Karen Buck, a resident of Clinton Hill, explained why she was actively supporting Clinton.

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“I just think this is the difference between life and death,” she said. “It’s a matter of conscience, it’s a matter of ethics and it’s a matter of morality.”

Buck predicted the Electoral College would put Clinton ahead. “And if you look around the room here, I think it’s her ground game … She’s laid this groundwork for years. I think that’s going to save her.”

“I’m an immigrant, from Jamaica,” said Okeefe Winter, 27, a resident of Bedford-Stuyvesant. “So I identify with her in terms of immigrants and what she plans to do, and I think she’s the best option for this country.”

“I really feel like Hillary Clinton has a vision for America, and she has the experience, the knowledge and the overall plans to execute that vision,” said Noah Rosenfeld, age 14.

Noah said his age group feels that “climate change is very important.” He also believes that “education is really, really, important.”

The major reason that Eliot Barrowitz, age 80, volunteered at the call center was because “the person [Clinton’s] running against is a maniac,” he said.

“She’s amazing – our top caller,” said a man sitting next to Farrah, age 9, volunteering with her aunt Kim.  Farrah said that she had convinced several people to vote for Hillary.

Phoebe, age 8, explained why she was volunteering. It’s because Clinton “helps everybody,” she said.

Phoebe said she doesn’t want Donald Trump to become president “because he calls women nasty pigs or something.”

See the full video, above.

 A steady flow of volunteers filled the Hillary Clinton call center on Adams Street. Photo by Scott Enman

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