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Brooklyn Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Committee hosts first meeting of the new legal season

August 26, 2016 By Rob Abruzzese Brooklyn Daily Eagle
The Brooklyn Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Committee kicked off the new legal season with an event at the Grand Prospect Hall’s Bavarian Biergarten in South Slope. Pictured from left: Adam Kalish, Eli Chess, Frank Francis, Laura Outeda, Dayrel S. Sewell, Shanaz Gannie-Ali, Luwick Francois, Gail Torodash, Michael Treybich, Alex Guitierrez, Anthony Lembersky, Juan Aguirre, Sean Kerley, Samuel Karpel and Daniel Antonelli. Eagle photos by Rob Abruzzese

The Brooklyn Bar Association’s (BBA) Young Lawyers Committee held its first event of the legal season at the Grand Prospect Hall’s new beer garden, the Brooklyn Bavarian Biergarten, in South Slope on Wednesday.

The event was designed to offer a way for members to get together to discuss ideas for the upcoming year and also with the hope of drawing in new members.

“This is a great kickoff event for the Young Lawyers,” said Adam Kalish, chair of the Young Lawyers Committee. “Our first meeting of the year is usually one of our most productive as we share ideas and try to plan out events for the bar association during the upcoming year.”

Kalish recently took over as committee chair following a successful year under the immediate past Chair Daniel Antonelli. Kalish’s goal is to plan one event every month from now until next summer. 

“Being the committee chair is great,” said Kalish, who recently celebrated the birth of his first child. “Dan [Antonelli] will tell you, I can tell you, that it’s leading some of the greatest minds in Brooklyn and having fun. Our committee, the Young Lawyers, we have a good group that looks forward to our meetings every month because we like to have fun and foster relationships.”

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The Young Lawyers Committee is a subsection of the BBA that is focused on attracting new membership to the association. It regularly sponsors Continuing Legal Education seminars aimed at attorneys who have not been in practice for long. There is no age restriction and the only requirement is that attorneys have practiced for 10 years or less. 

“It’s not all about business, it’s also about hanging out, getting to know each other and helping each other with our law practices,” Kalish explained. “As a young lawyer, it is tough enough. In Brooklyn especially, you need someone [with whom you can] share what’s going on, to bounce some ideas off of, and why not do it amongst people you can trust and have a good time [with]?”

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Contact the BBA ( for more information on the Young Lawyers Committee and information on future events.

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