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The full program for the Macy’s 4th of July fireworks

July 1, 2016 By Scott Enman Brooklyn Daily Eagle
A view of the Macy’s 4th of July fireworks show from Brooklyn Bridge Park. Photo by Etienne Frossard
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Did you know that the 50 tons of equipment used for the Macy’s 4th of July fireworks — which includes 56,000 pyrotechnic shells and 15 miles of cabling — are all stored in a warehouse in Brooklyn?

Due to our fair borough’s connection with the show, the Brooklyn Eagle received access to the impending program for all of the fireworks and music

The score to which the show is choreographed will include patriotic tunes like “This Land is Your Land,” “God Bless America” and “Stars and Stripes Forever.”

Below is the entire fireworks program broken down by song:



  • The show will open with barrages of titanium chrysanthemums and silver peonies, traced by a silver trail bursting in the sky.

  • Silver bursts continue and are joined by thousands of thundering red and blue reports.

  • As the Fanfare comes to a final crescendo, a wall of silver and titanium colored flower bursts with thundering report flashes fill the sky.


Stars and Stripes Forever:

  • The fireworks begin with red and blue bursting peonies above red, white and blue paddy flowers, followed by alternating patriotic colors from each barge, creating columns to mirror the stripes of the U.S. flag, with thousands of strobing rings in red, white and blue representing the stars.

  • As the music slows, specially timed red, white and blue umbrellas and dahlias match the pace of the music.

  • As the song nears the end, thundering reports accompany the tuba sound with barrages of golden waves exploding in red, then blue, while bursting peanut shells in red, white and blue and thundering titanium reports ignite above.


This Land is Your Land:

  • Colors representing the Earth are presented with green and blue bursts, purple and green dahlias and willows creating wondrous purple mountains and green forests.

  • Multi-colored peonies with rising silver tails burst, leading to an amazing finale of crackling multi-colored rainbow kamuros.


Where Eagles Fly:

  • The original song begins with double-layered palm trees with rising green and purple bouquets.

  • During the chorus, golden eagles burst as the lyrics request, as gold brocade butterfly shells explode in the sky.

  • As the song concludes, a gold, silver and green cascade fills the sky with sparkling showers from 1,000 feet to the water’s edge.



  • This number opens with sparkling falls above with red and white tremidas.

  • Spinning water cascades hover above the river and slow to the tempo of the music.

  • The end of the song reveals gold brocade waterfalls that progress to gold waterfalls with strobing silver tips cascading to the river from high above down to the barges.


This is My Country:

  • The opening fanfare includes the fan favorite — smiling, happy faces with a new effect: blinking eyes.

  • Next, a painted desert is created using orange, lemon and red bursts layered to represent desert scenes.

  • Lemon and magenta chrysanthemums are highlighted next, before the song ends with four color-changing layers.


Simple Gifts:

  • Silver peonies and silver spiders create a white sky here.

  • A series of patriotic-colored double-layered shells explode from the barges to meet blue and red strobing cylinder shells and swirling farfalles.

  • The conclusion of this number includes a series of shells that each produce 10 different effects. Silver and green to blue color-changing chrysanthemums with green silver red pistils scatter through the sky, while gold glitter with red strobing nishiki kamuro finale ends the song.


Military Anthem Medley:

U.S. Army:

  • Orange and green shells fill the sky as a fast-paced X-shaped green and orange bombette barrage excites the audience.

  • Rings of reports in green and orange with serpents thunder below as green and orange splitting crossette comets burst above.


US Marines:

  • Red and green crossettes dance across the water while red and green swimming stars scatter high in the sky..


US Navy:

  • Gold and silver palm trees appear, recreating the image of an anchor as golden palm tree bouquets form close to the water.


US Coast Guard:

  • Vibrant colors of red and blue fill the lower sky as red and white strobing rays fly above.


US Air Force:

  • Blue flying stars scatter close to the water’s edge, while blue rings with twinkling pistils and blue stars with flying bees burst above.


America the Beautiful:

  • As the rendition begins a barrage of patriotic finale shells thunder in the sky.

  • When the song slows, each barge will illuminate ‘USA’ using new high tech props launch pyro writing, created by more than 1,200 custom manufactured American made comets.

  • Gold strobing diadem chrysanthemum’s cascade down to the water from the sky as silver and red then to blue ghosts shells burst, at the same time new crackling ghosts popcorn shells burst above. This song concludes with Macy’s famed Golden Mile, cascading golden shells of crackling kamuros, gold strobing, Niagara Falls tips, and golden nishiki kamuros to the water, covering over a mile across the sky and down to the water’s edge.


God Bless America:

  • Wide patterns of color changing from red and white, to blue and white emerge while crossing stars, scattering and crackling comets burst above.

  • As the finale of the 40th Anniversary Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks builds thousands of gold and silver layers explode at the highest limit in the sky 1,000 feet above New York City.

  • The culmination of the song returns the gold and silver cascades with weis blinking silver strobing flakes and titanium flashing reports flashing through the smoke while golden cascading stars signal the finale of the show.

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