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Brooklyn Navy Yard art project: Pigeon flock to illuminate NYC skyline

April 27, 2016 Associated Press
In this September 2015 photo, pigeons take off from Christopher Szwaba's rooftop pigeon coops in Brooklyn. A Brooklyn-based art project will feature thousands of pigeons illuminating New York City’s skyline.  Joshua Astor via AP
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An acrobatic display by a flock of homing pigeons could give a whole new meaning to the words “performance art.”

About 2,000 homing pigeons will illuminate New York City’s night sky in a project by Brooklyn-based artist Duke Riley.

The birds, each equipped with a remote-controlled leg band LED light, will be released at twilight from coops aboard a former aircraft carrier docked at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

The flock will swoop, twirl and glide over the East River for 30 minutes every weekend between May 7 and June 12.

The Brooklyn Navy Yard was selected because it once housed the nation’s largest naval fleet of pigeon carriers.

“Fly by Night” also celebrates the dwindling pastime of pigeon keeping.

Tickets are free, but must be reserved in advance.

The project is presented by Creative Time.

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