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Baby saving cops win praise from Adams

April 15, 2016 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Borough President Eric Adams shares a laugh with Sgt. Frederick Manney, Officer Nuchem Schwartz, and Cadet Elijah Satos (left to right) as Shloime Kohn (far right), honored as April’s “Hero of the Month,” looks on. Photo by Erica Sherman/Borough President’s Office
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Cops from the Sea Gate Police Department who saved a 5-month-old from choking to death were honored by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams in a ceremony at Borough Hall on April 13.

Sgt. Fredrick Manney, Officers Vinny Giardiello, Joseph Pascone, Nuchem Schwartz and Thomas Schulz, along with Cadet Elijah Santos, were declared “Heroes of the Month” for March.

Adams also paid tribute to Shloime Kohn, a Good Samaritan from Williamsburg, who rescued a woman who intended to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge. Kohn was named April’s “Hero of the Month.”

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“Our latest ‘Heroes of the Month’ have demonstrated their superlative commitment to the protecting the life of another individual,” Adams said at the ceremony, which took place in the Borough Hall Rotunda. “Their stories should inspire all of us, whether we wear a blue uniform or blue jeans, to become heroes in our own lives and answer the call when our neighbors are in trouble.” 

On Jan. 25, Manney responded to a call that a baby in Sea Gate was having trouble breathing. When he arrived, 5-month-old Mikaela Tatarkina was completely unresponsive. Manney administered cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), called an ambulance and continued to perform CPR. Manney, a U.S. Army veteran, used his military training in the emergency, Adams said. Manney placed an ice pack under Mikaela, which helped to revive her.

Giardiello, Pascone, Schwartz, Schulz and Santos cleared Neptune Avenue for the ambulance and retrieved all the food and medication that the baby had recently consumed so that tests could be performed at the hospital. The baby has since recovered.

“The work of the Sea Gate Police Department to save the life of Mikaela personifies public service,” said Adams, who was a captain in the New York Police Department prior to his political career. “These individuals used all of their training to answer the call of duty and to prevent a tragedy.”

On the morning of March 14, Kohn was driving on the Brooklyn Bridge when he noticed a woman who was about to jump off the span. He stopped his car on the bridge and, with the assistance of other individuals, held her and contacted the police, Adams said.

When police arrived, the woman was taken to Woodhull Medical Center.

“Shloime Kohn was driving on the Brooklyn Bridge, in traffic, when he saw a woman in need. He did not have to stop his car. He did not have to walk out into traffic. He could have just called 911. But instead he chose to address the situation and save this woman’s life. That’s a hero to me,” Adams said. 

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