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OPINION: Atoms for peace and clean power

March 25, 2016 By Frank Fraley For Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Frank Fraley, president of SHARE-NY  . Photo courtesy of SHARE-NY
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Climate change and its threat of extreme weather events, caused in part by fossil-fuel emissions, loom dangerously, as we all well know after seeing the devastation from Superstorm Sandy and the continuing extreme weather events across the country. Additionally, these emissions are threatening the health of our elderly and young, especially the underserved, who suffer daily from chronic asthma.

It’s imperative that we transition from fossil-burning electric generating plants to clean alternatives such as wind turbines and solar power to improve air quality. These dirty plants produce the greenhouse gases that cause climate change.

But wind and solar cannot do it today and may never be able to do it alone. Their intermittent nature requires that we have a base load of electricity generators that operate continuously to ensure our lights stay on.

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On the other hand, the Indian Point nuclear power plant, which is in the midst of a 20-year license renewal, provides 25 percent of New York City’s and Westchester’s electricity while emitting virtually no greenhouse gases.

Indian Point critics worry about safety but the plant has operated safely for more than 40 years. In fact, the independent U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has continually given the plant its top safety grade. We need Indian Point to continue operating to fight against climate change, to keep today’s air as clean as possible, and as a bridge to a clean energy future.


—Frank Fraley

Frank Fraley is the president of SHARE-NY. SHARE (Safe, Healthy, Affordable, Reliable and Electricity) is a coalition of businesses, clergy and community leaders located in New York City.

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