Dyker Heights ranked one of NYC’s best nabes to live in, says report

March 11, 2016 Anna Spivak
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Dyker Heights is where it’s at.

According to a new Trulia report, one that uses interactive maps to highlight which neighborhoods in the country are the best for “living well,” Dyker Heights made the top three for New York City.

The map measures livability based on three criteria: quiet streets; great places to play – which includes trails, playgrounds and other recreational areas; and care and essentials such as hospitals, pharmacies, day cares and pediatricians.

According to the report, Dyker – boasting a “live well index” of 81 percent – fell just behind East Flushing, Queens, which takes the top spot in New York with an 81.6 percent live well index.

“As a Dyker Heights resident, I think that’s wonderful,” said District Manager of Community Board 10 Josephine Beckmann. “I’ve known it for a while. I’ve raised my family and I have a home in Dyker, so I would agree. It’s our parks, our schools. Certainly, all the factors together is probably the reason it’s in the report.”

With the nabe attracting more and more visitors each winter with its one-of-a-kind and over the top holiday light displays – this past winter even boasting ‘Brooklyn’s Biggest Santa,’—coupled with its small-town-in-a-big-city feel, it’s easy to see why Dyker is the place to be.

“Dyker has traditionally been a place where families want to come, live and raise their children,” said President of the Dyker Heights Civic Association Fran Vella-Marrone. “It’s a residential community and we do have a commercial strip on 13th Avenue – we have so many types of stores along the avenue.

“In addition, we have a number of great parks so there’s a lot of space and we also have very good schools,” she continued. “I think people want to come and live in Dyker Heights because of all the resources that we have. It’s just the way it feels; you may be in the city, but you’re just in a little suburban area in the city, and I think that’s something that people are drawn to.”

The interactive map also shows Dyker’s low crime risks, its accessibility in terms of commuting, all of the different amenities offered, affordability and demographics. To access the full map, visit www.trulia.com/local/dyker-heights-new-york-ny.

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