Narrows Community Theater brings joy to Bay Ridge once again with “Men are Dogs”

March 1, 2016 Christopher Malone
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Patrons packed the seats at the St. Patrick’s Auditorium on Sunday, February 28 for the Narrows Community Theater’s last performance of “Men Are Dogs.” The two-act comedy written by Brooklyn’s very own Joseph Simonelli and directed by Dawn Barry Hansen premiered the weekend prior to general acclaim.

A show about a widowed relationship psychologist, her delivery man and her clients, “Men Are Dogs” took on some provocative subjects in a way that left the audience roaring with laughter. Dealing with sex, divorce, relationship issues, invasive mothers and generational gaps, “Men Are Dogs” hits home with issues that many can relate to and others are glad they can’t.

The cast, filled with New York City-born actors and actresses, filled their parts’ shoes as if they were their own. The lead, Allison Greaker, playing Dr. Cecilia Monahan, and her nosy mother, played by Christa Comito, had a natural cohesion on the stage together, making their mother-daughter relationship a reality.

The supporting cast, including Ava Cheung, Victoria Herva-Castenada, Michele Manduchi, James McDermott, Gregory Mueller and Jennifer Prezioso filled out the play extremely well and upheld the dynamic of both hilarity and insanity.

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Throughout the show, the audience was completely engaged. With a couple of well-timed twists and turns, the play’s conclusion brought about a thunderous applause. One audience member commented that she was laughing so hard, her sides hurt by the end of the first act.

Simonelli admitted drawing on his personal life to write the play. His goal, he said, was “to write a play about relationships.” Based on audience response, one can easily say that he succeeded.

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