PYO Syracuse beats PYO Army, 34-27

November 25, 2015 Robert Cavaliere
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Syracuse 34 vs Army 27

Syracuse hit the boards first in this Parkville gridiron rumble. However the Orangeman realized that this wasn’t going to be a walk-in-the-park confrontation with the Army squad.

Ryan Assad retaliated immediately with an awesome punt return, charging zigzag down field, avoiding all tackles and reaching pay dirt for Army. Manny Torrez Ruiz tied the score 7-all with a slick point after a run past the toughest defense in the league.

Mark Kiss began his fierce attack against the Army defense, fighting for every yard. Edwin Perez and Elijah Deciembre fought for Parkville soil inch by inch, facing Ryan Assad and Joseph Zrekat of Army. They got to striking range when Kiss handed off to Charles “Rocket” Kitsakos who muscled his way into pay dirt. The “Rocket” came back on the next play for the extra point.

Bad luck prevailed for both squads until Syracuse quarterback Kiss gave Perez the opportunity to score and then ran in himself for the point after. Army came after, battling down field and gaining foot after foot of PYO turf. Then, Assad handed off to Joshua “Shot Gun” Richardson who busted through the Syracuse line and scored. Assad got the point after. Great defense by Syracuse’s “The Rocket,” Andrew “A-Train” Echevarria and Sevastian Ortiz just couldn’t stop the Army advance. The half ended 21 to 14 Syracuse.

Assad fought forward despite strong opposition from “Rocket” Kitsakos and Matthew Paleogos. But on the fifth play of his , Assad gave Ruiz the ball and he delivered the touchdown. Then Assad muscled his way up the middle for the extra point. With the scored tied, the “Rocket” and Kiss began their trek to take back the lead. Richardson did all that he could to prevent Army from scoring but Syracuse prevailed. However, he did prevent the point after by putting the hurt on the ball carrier.

Army had the ball but couldn’t make any headway. Twice, they gave the ball to Richardson and twice the Syracuse gang tackled him to a stop. Time was ticking away when the Orangemen scored on a “Rocket” touchdown and a Deciembre point after putting the tally at 34 to 27. But, it was all over but the shouting. Time ran out and Syracuse went home with the bacon and the win.

The Peewee Division battled to a 6-all tie with quarterback Jaylis Cruz for the Jets and Gabe Richardson for the Giants. Defense was everything in this rumble and for the Jets, Joseph Rodriguez and Frank Samuel were on top of their games. Aiden Paredes, Jayden Steward and Edgar Quintero met the challenge for the Giants.

Photos courtesy of Robert Cavaliere
Photos courtesy of Robert Cavaliere

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