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November 24, birthdays for Oscar Robertson, Katherine Heigl, Sarah Hyland

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November 24, 2015 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
NBA legend Oscar Robertson celebrates his birthday today. AP Photo/Colin E. Braley
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Greetings, Brooklyn. Today is the 328th day of the year.

ON THIS DAY IN 1929, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle published an article titled “Still Plan Visits to Priest’s Grave as Closing Nears.”

The article focused on the closing of a cemetery in Massachusetts, which housed a famous grave said to give cures for ailments to those who prayed at it.

“Miss Lena Klein, 22, of 175 Beach 87th St., Rockaway Beach, believes faith may bring an end to 20 years of suffering and yesterday announced her purpose of kneeling in prayer at the shrine from which a number of miraculous cures have been reported,” the Eagle reported. “[She] hopes to throw away crutches she has been forced to use as the result of a fall when she was 2 years old.”

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NOTABLE PEOPLE born on this day include actor GARRET DILLAHUNT, who was born in 1964; actress KATHERINE HEIGL, who was born in 1978; actress SARAH HYLAND, who was born in New York City in 1990; actor STANLEY LIVINGSTON, who was born in 1950; hockey player KEITH PRIMEAU, who was born in 1971; Hall of Fame basketball player OSCAR PALMER ROBERTSON, who was born in 1938; actor DWIGHT SCHULTZ, who was born in 1947; comedian and actor BRAD SHERWOOD, who was born in 1964; and basketball coach and former player RUDY TOMJANOVICH, who was born in 1948.


THE D.B. COOPER hijacking took place on this day in 1971. A middle-aged man whose plane ticket was made out to “D.B. Cooper” parachuted from a Northwest Airlines 727 jetliner, carrying $200,000, which he had collected from the airline as ransom for the plan and passengers as a result of threats made during his earlier flight that day. He jumped from the plane over an area of wilderness south of Seattle and was never apprehended. Several thousand dollars of the marked ransom money turned up in February 1980 along the Columbia River near Vancouver, Washington.


Special thanks to “Chase’s Calendar of Events” and Brooklyn Public Library.

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