Red Hook

Hasta la vista, Joaquin!

Everyone in Red Hook is glad you're heading for the open seas

October 6, 2015 By Lore Croghan Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Hallelujah! The waters are calm off Red Hook Park; the hurricane is bypassing B'KLYN for sure.
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When you live near water, the happiest words in the universe are, “The hurricane is headed for the open seas.”

Weather forecasters said Monday that dreaded Hurricane Joaquin will be waaay out in the northern Atlantic Ocean, and a mere non-tropical low pressure system, by early Wednesday.

Red Hook is one of those places where Joaquin’s departure from the Eastern Seaboard really matters. The neighborhood was battered and beaten by beastly Superstorm Sandy three years ago. Another killer ‘cane would have been a nightmare.

The Brooklyn Eagle headed to Red Hook during the rainy part of the weekend to see how everybody was doing. Microscopic raindrops whirled in the wind-whipped air, which was really cold.

Nobody minded.

They turned out for an art show in the historic Van Brunt Street warehouses, kicked around a soccer ball in Red Hook Park and knocked back a few beers at Brooklyn Crab.

Without Joaquin to worry about, life was good.

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