Reasons to love Fulton Street in Fort Greene

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September 22, 2015 By Lore Croghan Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Fort Greene's Fulton Street has its charms, among them Cuyler Gore Park. Eagle photos by Lore Croghan
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A bookstore, brownstones, corn covered with cotija cheese and chili powder.

Is this a Harry Potter magic spell gone wrong?

Actually, this incantation is an excerpt from our list of reasons to love the upscale, always intriguing stretch of Fulton Street that runs through Fort Greene.

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* Topping the list is the Ashland, a nifty new apartment tower that’s being built at 250 Ashland Place, on the corner of Fulton Street.

* Greene Grape is a charming presence on Fulton Street, with a grocery shop, wine store, coffee shop/bar and ice cream store.

This list will come in handy for tenants who start moving into the Ashland next year.

* Greenlight Bookstore at 686 Fulton St. has a busy calendar of author events. It’s open every night of the week until 10 p.m. for literature lovers longing to make book buys before heading home from a movie or performance at the nearby Brooklyn Academy of Music.

* The side of the apartment building where the bookstore is located, 106-114 S. Portland Ave., has a stately stone façade and big eye appeal.

It belongs to Fulton Street Associates, whose general partner, The Fulton Portland LLC, has Hesky Brahimy as a member, city Finance Department records indicate. If you’re stricken by déjà vu at this moment, that’s because you just read about this building. It’s where Scoops, the ice cream store that is part of the Greene Grape mini-empire, is located.

* Lean Crust at 737 Fulton St. will make your pizza gluten-free or vegan for an extra $5 per large pie. The Mean Girls among us might say if pizza’s good for you, that takes the fun out of it.

* Side streets that branch off Fulton Street boast beautiful brownstones and brick rowhouses. One handsome row is 87 to 93 S. Portland Ave.

* Interesting international noshing can be done at Bati, an Ethiopian restaurant at 747 Fulton St., and Turkish Mediterranean restaurant Deniz at 662 Fulton St.

A Thai restaurant, National, is at 723 Fulton St. There are two German beer gardens: Die StammKneipe at 710 Fulton St. and Black Forest Brooklyn at 733 Fulton St.

* Old-fashioned architectural eye candy graces various Fulton Street corners.

A terrific-looking red-brick residential building with green trim along the roofline stands at 1 Greene Ave., which has a façade on S. Oxford Street. Japanese fusion restaurant Kinjo is in a storefront. The eye-catching building belongs to Royston and Loretta Greenidge, Finance Department records show.

A wonderful wedge-shaped red-brick multi-family building at 781 Fulton St. houses Hungry Ghost, a coffee shop that opened in November 2013. A few years ago, Joseph’s Tire Shop was located there.

The building belongs to Jean Sterne Joseph and Chener Joseph, Finance Department records indicate.  

* At any moment, you can encounter cool people doing cool things. The other day we noticed a photo shoot on S. Elliott Place just steps away from the corner of Fulton Street.

* The Mexican-style corn with cotija cheese and chili powder that we mentioned a moment ago is a signature dish in Sean Meenan’s Fulton Street eateries. There’s Habana Outpost in an eye-catching building with a cobalt-blue and neon-green exterior at 757 Fulton St. and outdoor seating at 755 Fulton St. Meenan owns the building and the open lot through an LLC, Finance Department records indicate.

In 2003 an LLC with Meenan as a managing member paid $550,000 for 757 Fulton and $50,000 for the lot at 755 Fulton, Finance Department records show.

Habana To Go, BK is at 690 Fulton St. The building has an iconic mural of “Comandante Biggie,” AKA the Notorious B.I.G., on its S. Portland Avenue side. According to Finance Department records, it belongs to an LLC with Meenan as its sole managing member.

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