New York City

Man swims 2 miles from Statue of Liberty to New York City

September 10, 2015 Associated Press
Martin Strel approaches the Freedom Tower in Downtown Manhattan as he swims from the Statue of Liberty to North Cove Marina on Sept. 10. On March 22, 2016, World Water Day, Strel will commence his "Strel World Swim" through 107 countries in approximately 450 days as a means of spreading clean water awareness. Photo by Stuart Ramson/Invision for Martin Strel/AP Images
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A man has swum about two miles from the Statue of Liberty to New York City while promoting his upcoming around-the-world attempt.

Martin Strel plans to circle the globe in about 450 days — starting in San Francisco on March 22.

On Thursday, the 60-year-old took a demonstration dip through the choppy, rain-swept waters of New York Harbor to a marina near the World Trade Center.

Strel previously swam the entire length of the Amazon River amid deadly piranhas. He also covered the whole Mississippi River and China’s Yangtze River.

He says his swimming feats are meant to draw attention to the world’s increasingly polluted waters.

Strel is a native of Slovenia. He now lives in Phoenix.


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