Common Sense: News Confrontation

September 2, 2015 JERRY KASSAR
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Although I do not agree with Donald Trump throwing Univision journalist Jorge Ramos out of his news conference, Ramos was rude and unprofessional in interrupting his fellow journalist who was asking a question. Ramos was just as unprofessional in comments after the news conference in which he indicated he had a problem with Trump and intended to use his media access to make his point.

These later comments should result in Ramos being permanently banned from covering Trump as a professional journalist. Everyone, including journalists, are entitled to their opinion, but a greater effort must be made by journalists to keep a professional distance from the story. Needless to say, Trump played more than his fair share in causing the problem, but it does exist now and Ramos will need to move on and away from Trump – at least as far as his work with Univision is concerned.

In a way I was somewhat surprised that the many members of the media did not walk out of the press conference out of solidarity with Ramos when Trump had him removed. I guess the desire to keep on covering a man who will say almost anything on his mind was just too great.

I wonder if Trump called a news conference and no one showed out of a desire to send a message because of the Ramos incident, if that would cause Trump to think before he acts?

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I think the Daily News was wrong to place the pictures of the killing of reporter Alison Parker on its cover. I consider it in bad taste and, frankly, insensitive to the family. For the most part, major media made an effort to show restraint in viewing the video and stills of the murders, which were provided most shockingly by the murderer together with his manifesto.

There were apparently signs for some time that Vester Flanagan was unstable. In fact, he described himself as a powder keg waiting to explode. It’s very unfortunate that these signs were not caught and acted upon by his family and/or friends as they affected his life with him losing his job and causing great rage in him. Of course, you do not expect someone to obtain a gun and kill his co-workers, but the signs were there and this should be at least instructive of when we should not ignore someone’s rage.

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I was sweating it out there for a few days. Right after writing about being superstitious concerning complimenting the Mets on having a great season they lost three games to Pittsburgh. I feel better now because, as of this writing, they had won nine of their next ten games including two sweeps setting many new team records.

Going into first place for the first time in September in many years is a great feeling. Every new game seems more exciting than the last one. I am not superstitious, but I think I am going to cross my fingers for the next few weeks. The possibilities of post-season baseball and a division championship are very real.

Do I hear subway series from anyone?!

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