Etiquette Boss: Labor Day Etiquette

September 1, 2015 Phillipa Morrish
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Labor Day is second only to the Fourth of July holiday for violating flag etiquette, whether deliberately or due to a lack of knowledge. At most Labor Day family barbeques, there is an abundance of disposable flag items, such as napkins, paper plates, cups or candy wrappers. Of course, the intention is to show patriotism, but we should be aware that it is against flag protocol for the flag to be placed on any item that is made to be used and immediately discarded as trash.

Flag protocol is not the law, so no one can be arrested for violating it; however we should be aware of the flag code and then choose whether or not we agree with the guiding principle. We can then decide whether or not to follow it. I agree that this is all symbolic, but symbolism is a huge part of any society. (For example, the color red symbolizes blood, danger; hence we know road signs painted in red are meant to convey a warning.)

Door mats should never have flag designs for the same reason: wiping feet on an image of the flag conveys disrespect for that image. Tearing the image of a flag on a candy wrapper and throwing it in a trash receptacle is likewise seen as dishonoring the image printed on the wrapper. It is quite acceptable to purchase disposables with the colors of the flag. The complete image of the flag is when the code comes into effect.

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Phillipa Morrish is the President of Etiquette Training International.

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