Ferry fare to have stand-alone system

August 25, 2015 Meaghan McGoldrick
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While the first three routes of the Citywide Ferry System – a five-borough ferry upgrade set to connect areas like Bay Ridge, Red Hook and Wall Street – will set sail in spring, 2017, straphangers will need more than just a MetroCard to hit the high seas.

City officials present at a Thursday, August 20 Community Board 6 meeting informed residents that, while the ferry system’s $2.75 ticket may be the same price as a subway or bus ride, it will not merge with the MTA’s Metrocard fare system or allow free transfers to subways and buses – at least not immediately.

According to the Economic Development Corporation’s website, the MTA is planning to “phase out” the existing MetroCard. “Once the new MTA payment option is available, we will explore ways to integrate payment options with the Citywide Ferry Service,” the website says.

‘Till then, officials said, the ferry will have its own payment plan.

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