Prospect Park Zoo welcomes miniature zebu calf

August 11, 2015 Editorial Staff
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The Wildlife Conservation Society’s (WCS) Prospect Park Zoo welcomed a miniature zebu calf on Tuesday, August 11.

One of the oldest breeds of cattle,–dating back 6,000 years–according to the WCS, the calf was born on July, 21 and can grow to weigh up to 500 pounds.

Believed to have originated in southern India, both male and female zebus have small horns on top of their heads. While zebus can be black, reddish, gray, or white in color, the three at the Prospect Park Zoo all sport a light gray coat with white underneath.

The Prospect Park Zoo’s zebu family lives alongside other domestic animals in the barn area including sheep, goats, turkeys, and miniature horses.

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For more information or to speak with a WCS expert, contact Barbara Russo at 718-265-3428 or [email protected].

Photo courtesy of WCS/Julie Larsen Maher
Photo courtesy of WCS/Julie Larsen Maher

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