Three Juliana pigs find new home at Prospect Park Zoo

August 10, 2015 Editorial Staff
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Three Juliana pigs have made their public debut at the Wildlife Conservation Society’s (WCS) Prospect Park Zoo.

The arrival of the young trio — two males and one female, all siblings — is a first of its kind for the Prospect Park Zoo. Until now, the venue had not ever exhibited pigs.

According to the WCS, Juliana pigs are surprising in stature. They are the smallest breed of miniature pig, weighing less than 65 pounds as adults – a fraction of what a standard-sized breed would weigh. With their colorful spots, Juliana pigs are also known as miniature painted pigs.

Juliana pigs are also known for their wonderful temperaments, curiosity and intelligence, according to the WCS.

The new pigs are now on exhibit at the Prospect Park Zoo, 450 Flatbush Avenue, alongside goats, sheep, chickens, and other domestic animals in the barn area.

For more information on the exhibit or the zoo, call 718-399-7339 or visit

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