Fiorentino Jewelers, an Italian gem in Bensonhurst

July 27, 2015 Anna Spivak
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Viva l’Italia at Fiorentino!

Inside a brightly lit space at C & L Fine Gifts and Fiorentino Jewelers, 8124 18th Avenue, mesmerizing, handcrafted jewels shimmer, fine glassware and china shine, and Italian customers can be heard giving praise for the store’s large “selezione” (selection).

Faro Lo Cricchio, co-owner of Fiorentino Jewelers—a crafter of handmade Italian jewelry since 1929—wants jewelry lovers to know about the unique designs of Claudio Fiorentino, a designer out of Palermo, Sicily who brings a feeling of “exclusivity” to each piece he designs.

“We are here about 25 years,” said Lo Cricchio. “All the merchandise we have is 18 karat gold and semi-precious stones. The designer is Mr. Claudio Fiorentino and he designs all the jewelry pieces for us. Everything is handmade.”

Made in Italy, the pieces are created by expert craftsmen who guarantee a certain “originality and quality of workmanship.” Fiorentino himself was in town to host an open house event at the store last month, celebrating the line’s new summer collection.

“We have a huge selection for men, women and children and we change the merchandise every three months,” added Lo Cricchio. “We always have fresh, new styles.”

Fiorentino Jewelers can be reached at 718-234-2861.

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