Teens use crowdfunding to pay for summer classes

June 15, 2015 By Paula Katinas Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Daniella Omeruo dreams of becoming a doctor someday. Photo courtesy

Two ambitious teenage girls are turning to crowdfunding to help pay for entry into prestigious summer programs at top schools.

The organization Wishbone is helping Daniella Omeruo and Corinne Stanisclaus with their efforts to raise enough money to make their summer dreams come true.

Both girls are students at Uncommon Collegiate High School in Bed-Stuy. Their stories are posted on the Wishbone website, along with instructions on how to donate.

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Daniella has raised an impressive $2,265 to date toward her goal of taking part in the Boston University Summer Challenge, where she hopes to study science. Her dream is to one day become a doctor. “My passion is poetry and medicine,” she wrote on her page on the Wishbone website.

Corrine, who hopes to attend the Parsons Pre-College Academy this summer, has a passion for fashion. She has shown promise against all odds, demonstrating that she is self-motivated and able to overcome obstacles in pursuit of her passion, according to Wishbone officials. She has raised $366 to date. A few hundred dollars more will put her over the finish line, Wishbone officials said.

Wishbone is a non-profit organization and crowdfunding platform that helps students from low-income neighborhoods raise money to attend summer programs.

Wishbone and Uncommon Schools, a network of 42 charter schools, are teaming up to raise a total of $90,000 to send 104 high school students to a summer program of their choosing.

“We know from experience that giving low-income students the opportunity to attend summer programs helps them find their passions, achieve their goals and level the playing field,” said Beth Schmidt, founder and executive director of Wishbone. “That’s why we’re partnering with Uncommon Schools to break down barriers and give more than 100 truly exceptional students a life-changing opportunity that will help them find their inspiration.”

The Uncommon Schools students selected for the campaign come from low income areas in New York City and Newark.

“Our students demonstrate their commitment to their own education day in and day out, but many of them can’t afford to go to the summer programs that would help expand their world and further enhance their skills and interests,” said Brett Peiser, chief executive officer of Uncommon Schools. “We saw Wishbone’s positive impact on students, strong relationships with top institutions and unique ability to raise funds, and wanted to give more of our students the types of opportunities Wishbone makes possible.”

The crowdfunding effort is open until June 15.

For information on how to donate, visit

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