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Narrows Avenue houses slated for demolition

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May 27, 2015 By Lore Croghan Brooklyn Daily Eagle
This handsome house with the superb plantings is 7815 Narrows Ave., which is slated for demolition so a new home can be constructed. Eagle photos by Lore Croghan
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Beautiful but doomed.

Two Narrows Avenue houses just a block apart are lovely to look at, though the lawns aren’t perfectly manicured. It’s only when you peer closely that you notice the ominous “Warning! Rat Poison” signs in their windows.

The placement of rat bait is an initial step in their planned demolition.

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One of the houses is 7815 Narrows Ave., which Kostantinos Amaxas and his wife Athena bought in January for $1.68 million, city Finance Department records indicate.

In March, the city Buildings Department approved his application for permission to demolish the house. In April, he filed a plan to build a new 4,222-square-foot single-family home on the property on the corner of 79th Street.

The existing five-bedroom house is 2,655 feet in size, a posting indicates.

Amaxas is an executive at A.A.D Construction Corp., online business records indicate.

The address of the other doomed domicile on Narrows Avenue is 35 78th St.

George Georgaklis and his wife Evangela purchased it for $1.255 million last year, Finance Department records show.

Initially, he filed a plan with the Buildings Department to renovate the home and build a horizontal extension. But a more recent filing outlines a plan to construct a new single-family home.

In March, the Buildings Department approved his application to demolish the existing house on the corner of Narrows Avenue. Athanasios Amaxas of A.A.D. Construction Corp. is the applicant of record for Georgaklis’s demolition application.

Georgaklis heads the real estate and construction litigation departments at law firm Georgaklis & Mallas, online business records indicate.


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