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Sonic Boom: Loud lovers annoy neighbors in Bay Ridge building

Ridge Boulevard apt. house is sex central in city’s 311 system

April 23, 2015 By Paula Katinas Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Bay Ridge Love Nest:  This apartment building has the dubious distinction of generating the highest number of complaint calls to 311 about noisy sex. Eagle photo by Paula Katinas
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Love to love you, baby! The late disco diva Donna Summer would have loved living in 7201 Ridge Blvd. But the building’s residents could sure use some earplugs.

The six-story, 59-unit apartment building located in the northern end of Bay Ridge is sex central as far as the city’s 311 system is concerned.

The building has generated the most calls to 311 from residents complaining that their neighbors are having loud sex, according to DNAInfo, which looked at noise complaints logged by 311 operators and then crunched the numbers.

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The city’s 311 records, which DNAInfo obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, show that six complaints were called in by residents of 7201 Ridge Blvd. about noisy sex between October and December 2014. This one building generated 14.2 percent of all of the noisy sex complaints in Brooklyn.

And all of the complaints centered on one particular apartment in the Ridge Boulevard building, where apparently the couple involved isn’t quiet while they’re in the throes of passion.

The building is located next to the Bay Ridge Library, 7223 Ridge Blvd., and is also near an elementary school, P.S. 102, 211 72nd St.

In one complaint, filed at 4:40 a.m. on Nov. 14, 2014, a tenant told 311 that “neighbors are having very loud sex with the windows open” and that the noise “can be heard throughout the building.”

The heavy breathing, moaning and bed-thumping get on neighbors’ nerves, according to DNAInfo. The news website quoted one apartment dweller who shouted at the couple to close the window of their apartment to keep the nookie noise from disturbing other tenants.

Another tenant said she’s not a prude, but thinks the couple’s sex life is a bit too loud, especially in a building with families and children.

The coitus couple could not be reached for comment.

The apartment house at 7201 Ridge Blvd. is owned by an entity called 7201 Realty LLC, Department of Finance records show. The owners purchased the property in 2006. The building was constructed in 1926, according to

Department of Buildings records show that since 2005, there have been 10 complaints filed by tenants, not about noisy sex, but about the elevator being out-of-order. The most recent elevator complaint was filed on Aug. 8, 2014.

Overall in New York City, 311 logged 133 “noisy sex” complaint calls between Jan. 1, 2014 and Feb. 12 of this year. Brooklyn had the most, with 42 complaints. Queens came in second, with 37 complaints. The Bronx had 31 and Manhattan had 23. Curiously, Staten Island had none.

The city receives thousands of complaints to its 311 system each year, usually having to do with loud music, people shouting at each other or noisy air conditioners.


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