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New book ‘Beyond the Ides’ explores March as ‘The Unluckiest Month of All’

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April 17, 2015 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Craig McGuire. Photo courtesy of the author

What do Martin Luther King, Jr., Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan have in common? A new book released this past March reveals how they share the same fateful phenomenon that afflicted the Titanic, the Deepwater Horizon, Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Facility, the Exxon Valdez and so many more.

“Beyond the Ides — Why March is the Unluckiest Month of All” by New York-based author Craig McGuire, published by Strategic Media Books Inc., explores how they all suffered sudden twists of epically bad luck during March, sending them spinning off into disaster.

From assassinations that changed history to bizarre celebrity deaths and epic disasters, “Beyond the Ides” is a work of imaginative non-fiction divided into 13 chapters, each with seven sections chock full of March murders, mayhem and massive nuclear meltdowns.

Remember the Alamo? How about Pearl Harbor, Jamestown or My Lai? From the Boston Massacre to the meltdown at Three Mile Island, the New York Draft Riots to Rodney King, “Beyond the Ides” is a chronicle of unfortunate events from the unluckiest month of all.

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