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SKETCHES OF COURT: Who is liable in Brooklyn intersection accident

April 15, 2015 By Alba Acevedo Special to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Sketch by Alba Acevedo
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In this courtroom sketch Hon. David Vaughan listens to a read-back of testimony during the motor vehicle accident trial of Gerlando Salsini v. Mary Anne Youseff last week in Kings County Civil Term. Court reporter Diane Dickson (seated) transcribed the proceedings. 

At issue in the bifurcated trial was the determination of liability for the June 2013 accident at the apparently problematic intersection of Ocean Parkway and Avenue T. The plaintiff, represented by Nicholas Dell’Anno (left) of the law firm Krentsel & Guzman, testified he had stopped at the service road, which is governed by a stop sign, before proceeding and after determining that Ocean Parkway had a red traffic light. The defendant, represented by Jon Kessel (standing, center) of the law firm James G. Bilello & Associates, testified that he had proceeded through the green indication on the traffic light that is suspended over the intersection of four lanes when his vehicle broadsided the passenger side of the defendant’s vehicle. In testimony it appeared that neither driver had sighted the other before the t-bone collision. No ambulance was summoned to the scene.

The parties settled the trial before the damages phase and after the jury delivered a liability verdict of 60% against the defendant and 40% against the plaintiff.  

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