Friday night fever

April 3, 2015 Anthony Izaguirre
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Brooklynites broke out their bellbottoms and disco-danced the night away at the 12th annual Our Lady of Grace School 1970s themed dinner dance fundraiser on Friday, March 20.

“It was great,” organizer Joanne Roca said. “Who’s not a fan of the ‘70s?”

Around 200 disco-lovers crowded the Rex Manor catering hall to take part in the “Back to the ‘70s Dance,” and at a cost of $110 a person, proceeds totaled over $20,000 in donations for the Gravesend School.

“All the money goes to the school,” Roca said. “Anything they need it for, they have it.”

“Brooklyn’s Own” Joe Causi, of CBS-FM radio fame, was the DJ and kept the disco fever high with classic tunes throughout the night.

Roca thanked the dedicated supporters who came out to support the Catholic school.

“We get the same people every year,” she said. “They really help out the school. It’s great.”


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