A game to remember in PYO football action

March 16, 2015 Robert Cavaliere
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The confrontation between the PYO Broncos and Raiders promised to be terrific gridiron classic. Both teams had awesome seasons and were considered equals in determination and aggressiveness.

Derek Hernandez of the Raiders got an early wakeup call and busted away from the crowd, breaking several tackles as he charged toward daylight and entered sacred soil to draw first blood. That would be the only score in the first quarter and right through the second and third quarters.

What the fans were treated to was down-and-dirty defensive action by both teams. The two most feared players on the field were Daniel “Bone breaker” Dasaro and Matthew “Sure Thing” Sciarrone.

Dasaro had four brutal sacks, one fumble recovery and five classic tackles. Sciarrone has two quarterback sacks, and six fierce textbook tackles.

Other Raider players that answered the challenge were Jhomar Bennett with two sacks and three tackles, and Tylor “TNT” Martinez, Charles Corbin and Joseph Dasaro, with three awesome tackles each.

The Broncos sported some of the most aggressive players in the division: Julio Felix with five tackles; Christian Nunez with one sack, one blocked pass and three tackles; Joseph Comodo with three tackles and one blocked punt; and Kellan “A-Train” Cohill with three hard tackles.

Cohill got his moment in the sun when he took the football on a 10-yard action-packed journey through the most challenging force the Raiders could muster. But Bronco pride was on the line and Cohill was not about to let his teammates down.

Ten yards is not very long, but when you have to fight for every inch of Parkville soil, it seems like an eternity. When he entered pay dirt and tied the game with less than a minute on the clock, the fans went ballistic.

That wasn’t the end of the story. Matthew “Sure Thing” Sciarrone recovered a Raider fumble on the punt on the 10. Then the Broncos fumbled and the Raiders recovered and attempted a pass that was immediately intercepted by Sean “Can Do” Asada.

Twenty two seconds ticking on the clock with no time outs remaining and Asada hits “A-Train” Cohill with a 25-yard spiral. Four seconds remaining and the Broncos try a 27-yard field goal by Sciarrone. NO GOOD!

Two second left and the last play of the game was a Hail Mary pass by the Raiders that was wide and high.

The game ended in a six all tie. What a game!

Other players worthy of mentioning were John “Bull Dog” Von Wekes, Brandon Diaz and Liam “Hammer Time” McEvilley on the Broncos and Christian Cosme, Patryk “Freight Train” Szustka, Jonathon “Tombstone” Hockfeld, Hernandez, Jason “Torpedo” Hockfeld and Dasaro on the Raiders.

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