72nd Precinct February Cop of the Month busted robber

March 13, 2015 Jaime DeJesus
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Thanks to a timely arrest made by a 72nd Precinct cop in February, a potential robbery was thwarted. Police Officer Kaitlyn-Faith Weekes received Cop of the Month honors at the March Precinct Community Council meeting for her part in bringing the male perp to justice.

Weekes, who has four years of service to the department, was assigned to the evening shift at the time of the crime. “She responded to a radio run of a robbery in progress,” said Captain David Wall, the precinct’s executive officer, who filled in during the meeting for Captain Thomas Ng. “She was then met by a male complainant that stated he was walking home when an unknown male grabbed him around the neck from behind and pulled him to the ground.”

According to Wall, the perp punched the victim in the face and mouth, then forcibly removed his wallet from his right back pocket. “The victim tried holding onto the wallet when the perp bit him, breaking skin,” he added.

The suspect attempted to flee by foot but was stopped and held down by a male Hispanic witness. Upon the arrival of the police, the perp refused to place his hands behind back and again attempted to flee.

Nonetheless, the officers got the suspect into cuffs and upon search, a knife in his jacket pocket. The suspect was charged with robbery in the second degree, resisting arrest, assault and criminal possession of a weapon in fourth degree.

Weekes was also presented with a certificate from a representative from Assemblymember Felix Ortiz.

“Due to the police officer’s intelligent actions, she was able to prevent further violent crimes from occurring in the area,” added Wall.

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