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James Madison HS grad coordinates Navy funeral honors

March 2, 2015 By John Pearl, U.S. Navy Special to Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Petty Officer Angela Boyle is currently stationed in Charlotte. Photo courtesy U.S. Navy
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Angela Boyle, in addition to being a massage therapist, a volunteer for Susan G. Komen’s Race for a Cure and a volunteer for United Service Organizations, is a petty officer 2nd class in the U.S. Navy Reserve.

She serves as an aviation ordnanceman and is currently stationed at the Navy Operational Support Center in Charlotte, where she serves as the Funeral Honors coordinator.

Boyle graduated from James Madison High School in 1999, and went on to graduate from Bucks County Community College in 2007.

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Since joining the Navy Reserve 12 years ago, Boyle has been deployed to both Kuwait and Dubai.

Boyle said the skills she has gained while serving have given her the tools necessary to succeed in the multiple ventures she has undertaken.

“The Navy Reserve has allowed me to proudly serve in the military while being able to pursue other professional goals, such as becoming a massage therapist. The Reserve reminds me that discipline and hard work are what helps one become a stronger, more desirable employee,” she said.

Boyle said she believes the Navy Reserve provides opportunities to both continue serving and pursue personal interests.

“When I completed my active duty commitment I was not ready to leave my Navy experience behind. The reserve provided a way for me to continue serving but also allowed me to feed one of my passions: traveling. Not only have I been lucky enough to travel the world on my own, but also being in the Navy Reserve has brought me to places I probably would not have gone to, like the Middle East,” she said.

While some aspects of the Navy Reserve have changed, others things have remained the same. “A lot has changed over time, but the most important things have not including the comradery that stays with us forever and sailors’ pride in serving our country,” Boyle said.

Vice Admiral Robin Braun, chief of the Navy Reserve, said she is proud to serve as the leader of such a talented and dedicated group of sailors. “The commitment of our talented sailors to the Navy, their shipmates and their community is truly inspirational,” said Braun.

March 3 marks 100 years of the U.S. Navy Reserve. Throughout the year, Navy Reserve units will be celebrating the accomplishments of reserve sailors past and present.

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