Star of Brooklyn: Brian Chin

February 18, 2015 Anna Spivak
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Brian Chin
Board Member, Reaching-Out Community Services

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Involved in several different community initiatives throughout Bay Ridge, Brian Chin, branch manager at Third Avenue’s Northfield Bank, likes to give back, and according to him, so does the bank he works for.

As co-treasurer of the Merchants of Third Avenue, and a board member of several community groups like the Bay Ridge Senior Center, Reaching-Out Community Services, The Colonial Club and the Bay Ridge Real Estate Board, Chin’s nearly 12 years of banking experience has only added to the rich resume that is his community work.

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MOTIVATION: “It’s care, [and] love for people,” said Chin about what motivates him in his community work. “It’s part of me personally, but the bank loves giving back to the community and helping out.”

CAREER/DAY JOB: For the past three years, Chin has been a branch manager at Bay Ridge’s Northfield Bank branch, where he oversees daily operations.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: His biggest challenge throughout his community experience, he finds is finding the “financing” that some of these groups need to flourish and accomplish their goals.

“Some of these organizations, they need more funding,” he said. “They need more coming in.”

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT: Chin labels his biggest achievements as being named a Rising Star by this paper and winning a “chairman” award from his bank last year.

PERSONAL LIFE: In his spare time, Chin enjoys traveling, playing sports like basketball and bowling, and kicking back with a game of pool or just spending a day at Brooklyn Bridge Pa

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