Steelers outplay Cardinals in PYO action

February 3, 2015 Robert Cavaliere
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The game between the Parkville Youth Organization Cardinals and Steelers started out well when Cardinal Aiden Farley made a slick fumble recovery but the Cards failed to cash in on it.
Dylan “The Postman” Bove delivered the first punch with an awesome T.D. run to pay dirt. Bove then kicked for two extra points drawing first blood, 8-zip.

The Steelers kept rolling on with Francis Rosas making a 10-yard run for six points and Bove hitting Rosas with a bullet pass for the extra point, making it 15 -0.
Rosas took the next snap and handed off to Matthew Velez who busted through the Cardinal defenses and scored the third Steeler touchdown. The extra point attempt failed when David “No Way” Rosales put the kibosh on that play

The Steelers were ahead by 21 going into the third quarter and felt good being on top of their game. Rosas did it again, muscling his way up the middle for 15 yards to score. They went again for the extra point and déjà vu, “No Way” Rosales put a stop to it.
The Cardinals’ lackluster performance on the boards continued but the defense hung tough, keeping the Steelers out of sacred soil on the one. But this performance was a dollar short and a day late. The Steelers won 27 to zilch.

Outstanding players for the Cardinals were Rosales (two sacks), Muhommed Dola, Gabe “Grim Reaper” Avella (one sack). Aiden Farley (fumble recovery), and Benjamin Watson. Bove, A. J. Perez, Jonny “Iron Fist” Santiago and Rosas gave the Steelers the edge for success.

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