Brooklyn Mermaid Lagoon benefit show to ‘give back to the ocean’

Electronic Artist Kai Altair Among Highlights

February 3, 2015 By Meghan McDonald Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Musician Kai Altair, the mind behind the Mermaid Lagoon event, lives in Sunset Park. Pixie Vision Photography

One annual show is known for combining Mermaids of New York, circus performers, interactive art installations, dancers and musicians — all for a good cause. Mermaid Lagoon, an ocean benefit variety show, was created in part by Brooklyn electronic artist Kai Altair, who said she wanted to give back to the ocean, which has been a major source of inspiration for her.

This year’s show takes place on Feb. 5 at Lot 45 (411 Troutman St.) in Bushwick at 9 p.m.

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“Come dressed for a cold night on high seas of ice and snow and an evening of performance, dance, games, revelry and song as we dig deep to give back to our oceans,” Altair told the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. This is the fifth Mermaid Lagoon event.

Altair has lived in NYC for the past decade and currently resides in Sunset Park. Her location in the city — like nature and her passion for the ocean — has played a key role in writing her self-described “atmospheric electronic rock” music.

“Living in New York City, I am influenced by the sounds of many countries and cultures living closely with each other,” she said. “I am making sounds that are a product of a planet in communication.”

Altair considers her music to be a form of storytelling as well, with song titles ranging from “The Calling” to her personal favorite, “Draw Down The Moon,” from her latest album “Dreamwalker.”

“Most of the storytelling comes through in the lyrics, but also in the multi-layered recordings, instruments and stage shows,” she said. The singer/songwriter also plays the guitar and piano. She said many of her songs have originated from dreams.

“I usually hear a small melody or first line of a song quite unexpectedly, and then set to work drawing the rest of it into the waking world,” she said. “I hope to communicate that which cannot be spoken in words alone.”

Altair is inspired by artists Kate Bush, Dead Can Dance and Kalya Scintilla, among others.

The Mermaid Lagoon event is co-produced with Dr. Debra Tillinger, climate change educator at the American Natural History Museum, and Ali Luminescent, one of the official Mermaids of Coney Island. 

Proceeds will be donated to the Hudson Riverkeeper and the Whale and Dolphin Conservation organization.

Tickets for the Lagoon show can be purchased at www.brownpapertickets.com/event/1152488.

Visit Altair’s website, kaialtair.com, to experience her “atmospheric” rock sound.

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