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Fontbonne Hall introduces new business, journalism classes

January 27, 2015 By Paula Katinas Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Fontbonne Principal Mary Ann Spicijaric (left), Associate Principal Gilda T. King (right) and Student Activities Council members Elyssa Silverman and Christina Fratangelo welcomed incoming students at an Open House. Photo courtesy Fontbonne Hall Academy
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Fontbonne Hall Academy is introducing new classes in business entrepreneurship and journalism, according to Principal Mary Spicijaric, who revealed the school’s plans at a recent open house event.

Fontbonne Hall, the Catholic girls’ high school at Shore Road and 99th Street in Bay Ridge, held an event called Accepted Students Night on Jan. 22, welcoming prospective students and parents to the school to learn about its programs.

At the event, Spicijaric spoke about the new programs that will be available to students starting in the fall.

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Fontbonne Hall students will be able to participate in a new entrepreneurship program that will consist of two courses, Introduction to Business and Introduction to Entrepreneurship, as well as a summer internship. In addition, Spicijaric announced that each class will be worth three academic credits at Saint Francis College.

Fontbonne Hall will also offer a new English elective, Print Journalism. That will be followed by a broadcast journalism class scheduled to begin during the 2015-2016 school year.

The new science programs include Advanced Physical Science (APS), which will be the ninth-grade science course. The class will learn basic chemistry and physics in a hands-on manner.

Advanced students will take Honors Advanced Physical Science and have the opportunity to take the Chemistry and the Physics Regents as ninth graders.

A pre-college engineering program with Brown University is also on the horizon, according to Fontbonne Hall officials.  The online course for students in the 10th, 11th and 12th grades will be taught by a Brown University professor and give an overview of various fields in engineering, including biomedical and chemical and civil engineering. Students will be able to carry out an engineering project under the supervision of a Fontbonne Hall faculty member.

Fontbonne Hall students are already participating in the Science Research Program, a three-year sequence of classes beginning in the 10th grade that challenges a student to design a research objective and investigate and collect data. The student works under the supervision of a university scientist. The program offers the student the opportunity to earn 12 college credits from the State University of New York at Albany by the end of her senior year.

Accepted Students Night at Fontbonne Hall Academy was held in the school gymnasium.  Prospective students and parents had the opportunity to meet each other and learn more about Fontbonne from current students, teachers, parents and alumni.

Among the programs new students received information about was Women in Leadership Development (WILD), an after-school program for all grade levels that will consist of guest speakers and workshops to help students increase self-esteem and self-confidence. 




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