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TSA begins review of employee security protocols

Brooklyn Case Cited as Catalyst to Likely Change

January 9, 2015 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Brooklyn D.A. Kenneth Thompson. Eagle file YouTube screenshot
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Immediately following a joint press conference held by Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson and U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-Brooklyn) that called for the closing of security loopholes in national airports, a federal department has requested that the Transportation Security Administration review airport security nationwide and pursue new security measures related to airport and airline employee screening, and other security risks. 

“I am pleased that [the Department of Homeland Security] Secretary Jeh Johnson has called for an immediate and comprehensive review of airline employee screening and other security measures at our nation’s airports; it is clear that he is not taking lightly the recently exposed gaping hole in our airport security,” Schumer said in a released statement Thursday. 

Schumer was joined by D.A. Thompson in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday to discuss a Brooklyn-led investigation of a gun-smuggling ring that exposed the fact that many airline employees are not required to pass through metal detectors when accessing secure areas within the airport.    

“I applaud Secretary Jeh Johnson for taking seriously the dangerous loopholes in our nation’s airport security but the devil is in the details.  In this age of terrorism, screening airport employees is absolutely critical to the safety of our country,” Thompson said. 

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