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OPINION: A call for prayer, peace in time of citywide crisis

January 8, 2015 By Rev. Dr. Herbert Daughtry Special to Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Rev. Dr. Herbert Daughtry has organized a gathering at City Hall, scheduled for Jan. 13, to “pray for the healing of NYC.” Photo credit: J. Conrad Williams, Jr., courtesy of House of the Lord Church
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During this time of crises in our city, Mayor de Blasio is under severe attack, deepening the crises. Join us at City Hall as we pray for the Mayor, his family, the city, and that justice, peace and prosperity might prevail.  

On Jan.13, 2015, I will be celebrating my 84th birthday. Thank God! But, crises in NYC, particularly the Mayor and his family, weigh heavily on my heart, making it impossible for me to fully enjoy all of the many ways that God has blessed my life. 

I am blessed with salvation — that is, being delivered from my past life into a new life of oneness with God through Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.  

I am blessed with the love of God, family, church, community and friends such as yourselves. I am also blessed to be able to return this love.

 I am blessed with health. As far as I know, I am not sick. I’m not taking any medication. I have no pain, and I’m full of energy. At 84, that’s a super blessing!

I am blessed with happiness. I enjoy living, the things I do, the people I know, and, most of all, the presence of God in my life. I’m euphoric most of the time.

I am blessed with a profound inner peace. I’m at peace with the people of the world — although, there are acts of some people that cause me deep concerns.

I am blessed with discipline. I thank God for the empowerment that inspires me to say “Yes” or “No” as the occasion warrants it.

I am blessed with a purpose. I am eternally grateful that God has called me, who was once a chief of sinners, to live and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. 

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I am blessed with achievements. I am profoundly grateful that God has allowed me to some good for the human family. I, who was once a part of the world’s problem, have been blessed to pray and work with others to find solutions for the world’s problem. 

I am blessed with courage. God has blessed me with the courage to stand up and/or speak out for what I believe is right.

 I am blessed with prosperity, meaning my needs are few, and I immensely enjoy what I have.

 I am blessed with the faith to believe that God is real, and He will honor all of His promises to me.

 I am blessed with the hope that a “change is gonna come,” and things will get better! There’s a brighter future “a’comin’!” There’s eternal life beyond the grave!

I am perpetually grateful for all of the above-mentioned blessings, but I can’t completely enjoy them. For when I reflect on the state of the world, our nation, and, in particular, NYC, I am deeply troubled. Even my sleep is disturbed by images of hate, bigotry, and violence.

Therefore, I am asking you to join me at City Hall on my birthday, Jan. 13, 2015, at 12 noon. We will pray for the healing of NYC. Primarily, we will focus our prayers on Mayor Bill de Blasio and his family, that God will grant them health; and, grant him patience, perseverance, wisdom, courage, and compassion to lead the city into a new day of peace, justice, goodwill, and prosperity.

I hope to see you there! Spread the word!

Rev. Dr. Herbert Daughtry is National Presiding Minister at the House of the Lord Church in Brooklyn.  


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