2015 Alternate Side Suspension Calendar

December 31, 2014 Jaime DeJesus
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The NYC DOT recently released the Alternate Side Suspension Calender. Alternate Side Parking Regulations may be suspended from time to time because of snow, inclement weather or other emergencies. Visit www.nyc.gov/dot or dial 311 for further information.

New Year’s Day*                                    Jan 1, Thurs

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday        Jan 19, Mon

Lincoln’s Birthday                                  Feb 12, Thurs

Washington’s Birthday (Pres. Day)     Feb 16, Mon

Ash Wednesday                                     Feb 18, Wed

Asian Lunar New Year                          Feb 19, Thurs

Purim                                                      Mar 5, Thurs

Holy Thursday                                       Apr 2, Thurs

Good Friday                                          Apr 3, Fri

Passover (1st/2nd Days)                     Apr 4-5, Sat-Sun

Holy Thursday (Orthodox)                 Apr 9, Thurs

Good Friday (Orthodox)                     Apr 10, Fri

Passover (7th/8th Days)                     Apr 10-11, Fri-Sat

Solemnity of the Ascension              May 14, Thurs

Shavuot (2 Days)                                May 24-25, Sun-Mon

Memorial Day*                                  May 25, Mon

Independence Day*                         July 3-4, Fri-Sat

Eid al-Fitr                                            July 17-19, Fri-Sun

Feast of the Assumption                 Aug 15, Sat

Labor Day*                                        Sept 7, Mon

Rosh Hashanah                                Sept 14-15, Mon-Tues

Yom Kippur                                       Sept 23, Wed

Eid al-Adha                                        Sept 23-25, Wed-Fri

Succoth (2 Days)                              Sept 28-29, Mon-Tues

Shemini Atzereth                             Oct 5, Mon

Simchas Torah                                 Oct 6, Tues

Columbus Day                                 Oct 12, Mon

All Saints Day                                   Nov 1, Sun

Election Day                                     Nov 3, Tues

Diwali                                                Nov 11, Wed

Veterans Day                                  Nov 11, Wed

Thanksgiving Day*                        Nov 26, Thurs

Immaculate Conception                Dec 8, Tues

Christmas Day*                              Dec 25, Fri

* Indicates major holiday

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