Assault outside Bay Ridge Dunkin Donuts

December 5, 2014 Helen Klein
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Cops collared one of two suspects in an assault that took place near Fourth Avenue and 88th Street, within minutes of the assault having taken place.

According to a police source, two male teens approached an 85-year-old man outside the eatery at just after midnight on Friday, December 5 and attempted to hold him up at gunpoint.

The victim had no cash with him so the perps, cops say, “wound up punching him and fleeing.”

He quickly called 911 to report the attack, according to police, and cops began scouring the area. “We saw [one of the suspects] trying to duck into Dunkin Donuts,” the source recounted, where, he said, the suspect tried to ditch his gun.

At that point, police officers with the 68th Precinct got the suspect at gunpoint and effected the arrest.

In the meantime, the second suspect had taken off with another police officer in pursuit. The search for the suspect was aided by helicopters with infrared technology. “He got away,” said the source, adding, “but we have a very good idea who he is.”

Cops expect to have the second suspect in custody within the next few days, the source said.

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