62 Cops of the Month noted for nabbing Chevy burglar

November 24, 2014 Meaghan McGoldrick
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While general crime has been on the decline in the 62nd Precinct, Captain Bill Taylor told those in attendance at the November 18 Community Council meeting that there’s been a 38 percent increase in burglaries over the past month.

However alarming that spike may seem, Taylor told the crowd he more than confident that his guys have nabbed the groups largely responsible, as November’s Cops of the Months were lauded for their role in cracking a string of burglaries at a local Chevy dealership.

According to Taylor, Sergeant Jason Rozenfeld alongside Police Officers Jean Innocent and Michael Wolfe were responding to the fourth burglary in the span of a month at an 18th Avenue Chevy dealership when they apprehended a suspect allegedly also responsible for the robbery of a Kings Highway medical office a week prior.

“They made the arrest right then and there, based on the information from the Kings Highway incident as well,” explained Taylor stressing that “since then, all burglaries after midnight have stopped.”

In addition, Taylor told the room that his team had apprehended – just the day before – the group the precinct believes to have been responsible for a string of day-time burglaries mostly geared towards Asian households.

“They stayed there for two weeks and toughed it out, and we got them,” lauded Taylor of his squad’s two-week sting that eventually led to the arrest of four suspects, each charged with two counts of burglary. The ringleader, he said, is being held on $250,000 bail.

“With yesterday’s arrest, we’re hoping that the daytime burglaries will also stop,” Taylor said before once again commending Rozenfeld, Innocent and Wolfe for yet another job well done.

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