Golden awards nearly 70,000 to improve Catholic school safety

November 18, 2014 Jaime DeJesus
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On Thursday, October 30, State Senator Marty Golden announced that he had allocated over $68,000 in state funding to improve security at five local Catholic schools.

“There is nothing more important than making sure that our children and teachers go to school every day in a safe environment,” said Golden. “I am proud to have been able to secure this funding through the State of New York to improve the security already in place at these parochial schools.”

The schools that will benefit from the funds are St. Anselm Catholic Academy, St. Bernadette Catholic School, St. Ephrem Catholic School, St. Patrick Catholic Academy and Holy Angels Catholic Academy.

The funding will enable all five schools to install such safety equipment as surveillance cameras, alarm systems, intercom systems, new lighting and metal exit door replacements.

“In partnership with school leadership, we have identified and funded the needs that require immediate attention at these schools,” Golden explained. “I remain focused on making sure that the security in our schools is both modern and effective. Parents and school administrators should never hesitate to reach out to me to discuss the needs of their schools.”

“Any assistance in these economic challenges is always a big help,” James McHugh, chairperson of St. Anselm Catholic Academy, said. “On behalf of the 300 families, faculty and staff, we appreciate Senator Golden’s unwavering commitment to the safety of Saint Anselm Catholic Academy. This funding went to immediate safety upgrades for our children.”

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