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New ‘cathartic’ parody provides witty parenting tips for feeding youngsters

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November 12, 2014 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Adam Mansbach’s latest, “You Have To F**king Eat,” has just been released by Brooklyn-based publisher Akashic Books. Photo by Matthew L. Kaplan
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From the award-winning novelist and No. 1 New York Times best-selling author of “Go The F**k to Sleep” comes the long-awaited sequel about the other great parental frustration: Getting your little angel to eat something that even vaguely resembles a normal meal.  Profane, loving and deeply cathartic, “You Have To F**king Eat,” by Adam Mansbach, gives moms and dads a much-needed chance to laugh about a universal problem. Mansbach’s newest work is published by Brooklyn-based publisher Akashic.

“There’s been plenty of enthusiasm for a sequel over the years (and plenty of suggestions) but I always said I’d only do one if it rang true to me — if I felt like I could imbue it with the same kind of honesty, love, and frustration as the first book,” Mansbach said.  “And eating is the other universal source of parental anxiety, a battle of wills just as pitched as sleep can be.  From my own experiences and plenty of conversations with other parents, it seemed like a topic folks could use a laugh and a bit of catharsis about.”

“You Have To F**king Eat” is illustrated by Brooklynite Owen Brozman, who has illustrated for National Geographic, Time Out New York and more. His illustrations light up the pages with animals munching away at food and cute children not eating.

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