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November 4, 2014 Phillipa Morrish
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PEDESTRIAN ETIQUETTE: Today’s etiquette tip was requested by someone who recently approached me at Bay Ridge Parkway and Fifth Avenue, to let me know how much she enjoyed Etiquette Boss; but she requested that I consider giving some tips on pedestrian protocol. I do appreciate it whenever someone takes the time to give me feedback. Thank you.

In the United States, we drive in the right lane and leave the left lane for oncoming traffic. The same protocol applies to pedestrian traffic. We walk on the right side and leave the left for oncoming pedestrians.

Though walking on the ‘wrong side’ is less dangerous than driving in the wrong lane, it is still inconvenient and shows a lack of consideration, when the person on the right side is compelled to walk around the approaching person or risk a collision. It is even more inconvenient when two pedestrians hold hands on a narrow sidewalk, or three people form a walking human wall, without consideration of others who need to get beyond them.

Pedestrian protocol requires that couples must uncouple if they take up more than half of the sidewalk, regardless of how good the hand-holding feels. Groups of three or more must disband for the same reason, as they would definitely intrude into space of the oncoming person. Taking a “selfie” or texting while walking along the middle of the sidewalk: ditto.

We would not accept three cars driving across any given street, regardless of how much the drivers want to speak to each other. The same courtesy applies to pedestrians. Whether walking the dog, pushing a stroller or holding hands, stay to the right, just as you would while driving on the street.

BEAUTY TIPS:  Fragrance

Your favorite scent will not smell the same on you forever. Hormone fluctuations alter the way fragrance interacts with the human skin.

A fragrance you had always loved might suddenly make your nauseous or simply not smell the same, but there’s no need stop wearing it. Spritz it on hems, cuffs or collars, or onto a cotton ball and place it into a piece of your clothing.

To avoid “overdoing” the amount of fragrance, one spritz behind each ear and on each wrist is enough for anyone.

Phillipa Morrish is the president of Etiquette Training International.

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