P.S. 127 kids have gourd-geous Halloween parade and pumpkin art

November 3, 2014 Heather Chin
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Autumn leaves have nothing on the colors and vibrancy of P.S. 127’s students, who took to the schoolyard track dressed as pirates, princesses, Ninja Turtles and more for their annual Halloween Parade on Friday, October 31.

The morning also marked the return of the school’s past tradition of holding a pumpkin decorating contest, with students bringing in homemade gourds that had been painted, glue-gunned, bedazzled and be-candy-corned into ghosts, porcupines, witches, snowmen and Dia de los Muertos masks.

“It’s us coming together as a school,” explained Principal Agatha Alicandro. “I love the creativity of the children, seeing them smile and having fun, and the families, community, teachers and children having a voice.”

District 20 Superintendent Karina Costantino agreed, noting, “These events go to the very heart of what children are all about: using their imagination for pumpkins and costumes, building confidence in themselves.”

“Oh, my gosh, they are so excited, starting as early as October 1,” chuckled Kim DiDonato of Dyker Heights. “Emma made a whole booklet of 15 different faces to decorate her pumpkin with and she’s had her costume picked since July. She woke up this morning and started dancing with excitement.”

Third graders Effastiasa Karahalios and Lauren Valladares explained their excitement about the festivities, saying they “Get to walk with friends” and “get to hear music and walk and talk and wear our costumes together.”

That sense of friendship and community was also clear to Bay Ridge mom Jessica Corbin. “This is her first year in this school and I love how festive they make the holiday,” said Corbin of her daughter Aela, dressed as CinderElsa – a cross between Cinderella and Elsa. “It’s such a warm atmosphere.”

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