Bishop Kearney student wows faculty with grades and volunteer work

October 30, 2014 Jaime DeJesus
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There’s a rising star in Bishop Kearney High School. Seventeen-year old Shannon Guerrero, who is in her senior year in the Bensonshurst school, received the honor of being one of only 10 finalists for the Peter M. Flanigan Scholarship, a prestigious award in its first year and given in honor of the founder of Student Sponsor Partners.

Guerrero was thrilled when she received the news that she made the exclusive shortlist. “It actually meant a lot me,” she said. “My parents were happy for me too. They’re my role models and worked hard their whole lives for [our family].”

In order to qualify, students must have a GPA of 90 or above and at least a 1450 SAT score. Out of the 10 students selected, only three received the scholarship, which provides up to $10,000 per year and is funded by the Kovner Foundation. Guerrero met all the prerequisites, posting a stellar 96.8 GPA, landing her at number six in her graduating class.

Guerrero is still unsure what undergraduate college she’d like to attend, but has a few ideas. “I’m looking at Vassar as my top choice but the others would be liberal arts colleges,” she said.
The talented senior isn’t just a diligent student in the classroom. She has displayed several hobbies throughout her high school tenure. “I love to draw, cook and do yoga,” Guerrero said. “But right now, I’m really enjoying psychology. I’m interested in learning about people and why they behave.”

Her artistic skills have only improved at Bishop Kearney thanks to classes. “At first I just drew and doodled in my notebook. Then I took art classes for water color and sketches. As a junior, I did oil paints. I do it every day now.”

As far as extra-curricular activities are concerned, Guerrero has that covered as well, dedicating time to volunteer. She is part of one of the school’s clubs, God’s Earth and Creatures. “We do fundraisers and talk about issues of animal abuse factory farms. We get petitions signed and spread awareness,” said Guerrero who is an acting vegetarian. “I’ve always loved animals so I tried to find a club that catered to my interested focused on health and animal rights. It’s not just for people passionate about animals. People that don’t know much come get to learn a lot.”

Guerrero looks forward to her future endeavors, but will miss her time in high school. “I’ve loved Bishop Kearney. The teachers I’ve had have been great and supportive the whole four years, even the new ones. They all know how to teach. They actually interact with the class.”

Although Guerrero was not selected as one of the three scholarship recipients, her impressive skills and talents are noticed and are expected to bring her great fortune in the future. “The entire Bishop Kearney community is thrilled for Shannon and immensely proud of her success,” said school President Dr. Margaret Minson. “Shannon is a fantastic example of Bishop Kearney’s mission that every young woman has limitless potential.”

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