Etiquette Boss: Lend them your ears

October 15, 2014 Phillipa Morrish
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THE ART OF LISTENING: A young man I know had an interview at an elite store in Manhattan. He was asked how he would speak to a ‘difficult’ customer. His reply ended the interview and got him the job immediately.

He responded, “There are no difficult customers. Most people simply want to be heard.”  Though young, he had realized that most difficult situations evaporate in the presence of a good listener. Here are some communication tips that would benefit any age or profession.

             •Know that most human beings just want to be heard, so listen more than you speak.

             •When listening, be aware of your body language. Is your head turned toward the speaker but your body pointed in a different direction? ‘Head only’ listeners are poor listeners. They give the impression that they are anxiously waiting for the speaker to stop talking so that they can turn their head back to where their interest really lies. This is the body language of being interrupted while looking at a television show.

             •Observe two people who are seated while having a conversation. A listener who sits with legs crossed so that the top leg and knee point away from the speaker is a poor listener. Such body language indicates this person is not fully engaged in what the speaker is saying.  Pay attention with your entire body, and this includes where your feet are pointed.

             •A good listener leans in, but not too far.  Make eye contact and lean toward instead of away from the speaker.

BEAUTY TIPS:   Eyelid Care

   Our eyelids can look dry and lined as we age because there are no oil glands on our upper eyelids. On the other hand, our lower eyelids retain a bit of moisture, so we must be careful not to saturate that area with too much moisturize. Doing so can create a puffy look.

When removing makeup, do not pull or tug the sensitive eye area. Try olive or coconut oil for easy removal of oil-based makeup.

When applying under-eye moisturizer, it is best to use a Q-tip, and start to dot the cream from the outermost corner of the eye, going inward. Gently pat the make up on in the same direction.

Phillipa Morrish is the president of Etiquette Training International.

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