Applause for NYPD, FDNY after routine response in Bensonhurst

October 10, 2014 By Mary Frost Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Police and fire rescue units responded to a boat in distress. Photo by Scarlett
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It was a call so minor that the city has just the barest record of it in its data bases. But spectators were impressed with the professionalism shown by police and fire rescue units, which went beyond the call of duty during the course of their workday.

NYPD, fire and FDNY EMS units were called to the waterfront of Caesar’s Bay in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn on Sunday, October 5 around 10 a.m., after receiving reports of a boat stuck in the riptide on the rocks.

In dry, unblemished language, FDNY reports that “the person was removed from the water and evaluated – refusing medical attention,” and NYPD reports there were “no injuries” and “the boat was towed.”

But a witness snapped some photos and told the Brooklyn Eagle there was more to the story.

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NYPD officers “Mercado and Cusimano of the 62nd Precinct  . . . amazingly held a boat from tipping over or going adrift in the waters of Caesar’s Bay at Bay Parkway before the help of the local fire department and EMS,” contributor Scarlett told the Eagle.

“When the officers observed an elderly man in danger and the boat almost capsizing they quickly jumped down into the extremely slippery rocks and, falling into the water, they were able to hold the boat as it was viciously hitting the rocks.”

Both officers held the boat until FDNY and EMS came to help, Scarlett said.

“I mean it was amazing,” she later commented. “Police have a bad reputation right now but these two officers went above and beyond what they were trained to do. I mean the boat was about to capsize. They put themselves between the rocks and boat, getting wet, just to hold that boat from flipping and to keep the man calm. They even fell on the rocks and in the water somewhat.”

FDNY arrived minutes after receiving the call. Scarlett snapped photos with her cell phone showing NYPD, FDNY, marine and aviation units all responding.

Officially, a boat got stuck, a man refused treatment and the boat was towed.

Unofficially, the care taken by the city’s responders on a distress call that was so minor it barely got a write-up made quite an impression on bystanders.


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